Anti Wrinkle Magnet Lifting and Slimming Device




1. Allows you to enjoy face SPA just like salon. EMS V‑shaped face, imitation soothing massage and face serum introduction.
2. Fits the face shape, and the magnetic massage head mimics the acupuncture massage. Using EMS technology and imitation soothing massage technology, can lift the face and relax the skin.
3. The 15‑minute intelligent reminder function can control the nursing time, which is very convenient.Simple to use, high efficiency, fast absorption.Suitable for families, salons, etc.
4. There are three skin caring modes to make your skin more transparent and firm: imports massage mode to promote skin absorption; Soothing massage mode can soothe face skin and smoothing out fine lines; Compact massage mode to create a natural V‑shaped face;
5. The contact made of silica gel and chrome‑plated process, can promote the skin absorption. Simple to use, high efficiency, fast absorption.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type: V Face Massager
Material: Silicone + chrome plated process
Output: DC5V / 0.5A
Battery: Lithium battery 403040
Battery Capacity: 450mAh
Related Power: 2.5W
Vibration Frequency: 5,000-10,000rpm
Working Mode: Three modes (Imports, soothing, firming)
Automatic Working Time: 15 minutes
Efficacy: Introduce nutrition, relieve skin, face slimming


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